The garden of our hotel in Pitztal

Blooming natural world at 1680 meters

The alpine nature "Garden 1680" is the green heart of our apart-hotel in Pitztal. It not only reflects the passion and dedication of your hosts, but also the beauty of the untamed alpine nature that surrounds you. In our opinion, it is a piece of the mountain that you can experience with all senses. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of plants and the harmonious atmosphere, while the majestic mountain world provides the perfect backdrop.

Alpine fauna and flora

The “Garden 1680” is a place of discovery and wonder. But also of enjoyment. Here you will find an abundance of alpine plants that still thrive at the altitude of 1680 meters, becoming a unique interplay of colors, scents and shapes.  

Garden herbs instead of flowers

In summer we deliberately do without flowers at Landhaus Edelweiß and instead we plant fragrant garden herbs on your balcony. You can use these aromatic herbs at any time for cooking and refining your dishes. This is how the taste of your mountain home comes directly to your plate. Enjoy your meal! 


Sustainable & authentic

Some of the products from our “Garden 1680” can also be found at our breakfast buffet. We attach great importance to sustainability and the use of regional products in order to offer an authentic and genuine taste experience. Enjoy the freshness and top quality of the ingredients from our garden and discover your mountain home with your palate.