Apart-hotel in Pitztal

Living at Edelweiss.
Your perspective at 1680 meters above sea level.

Holidays in the fabulous Tirolean mountains can also mean concentrating on the essentials: heartfelt encounters with people and nature, authentic cuisine, calming retreats that invite you to pause as well as a harmonious interplay of tradition, hospitality and closeness to nature. Our green apart-hotel in Pitztal warmly invites you to find the balance between activity and tranquility, community and privacy. 

Green apart-hotel in Pitztal

Sustainable mountain home:

our commitment

Here at Landhaus Edelweiß we are actively committed to protecting our environment and preserving Tirol’s unique fauna and flora. We effectively reduce energy and water consumption, avoid waste whenever possible and promote the biodiversity of our mountain home. For all these efforts, we were awarded the Austrian Eco-Label.

Sustainability concept

In close touch with nature + heartfelt sustainability.

Holidays at Landhaus Edelweiß are sustainable days pus conscious enjoyment. Our philosophy stems from the deeply rooted connection with our rich alpine nature and the respectful treatment of our environment. With great commitment to sustainability and regional products, it is easy to consciously enjoy your vacation in the Tirolean Alps. Simply immerse yourself completely in the fascination of our green mountain home. Participating in the magic of the changing seasons, the silence of nature and the beauty of untouched landscapes. Get away from everyday hustle and bustle while staying at our green apart-hotel in Pitztal at 1680 meters above sea level.

Green arrival

This is what sustainability looks like at Landhaus Edelweiß:

  • Regional, seasonal and organic food & home-grown products at the breakfast buffet 
  • Use of ecofriendly cleaning and care products 
  • Future promotion and use of renewable energies while increasing our focus on the economical use of water and electricity
  • Integration of sustainable materials and ecological building principles in the design and renovation of our apart-hotel in Pitztal 
  • Green travel and ecofriendly mobility offers for our guests 
  • Commitment to equal treatment of employees regardless of their gender, ethnic or cultural background
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We bear the Austrian Eco-Label

As one of only five accommodations within the district of Imst, we are allowed to bear the Austrian Eco-Label. We are even the first within Pitztal to have received this honorable recognition. At Landhaus Edelweiß - your apart-hotel in Pitztal - there are a variety of measures to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible while offering an authentic nature experience to our guests. We are proud to live this sustainable way of thinking not only in our guesthouse but also in our daily life with our personal attitude.

Wind down consciously: that's why we don't use social media channels

Being conscious, arriving and finding your inner self at Aparthotel Landhaus Edelweiß in St. Leonhard, Pitztal: this is easier without the distraction of social media. That's why we want to set a counterpoint so that you can be where you really are during your holiday: in the Pitztal Alps.

For many people, sharing adventures on social media actually replaces the true experience. For this reason, we refrain from encouraging our guests to share pictures on Instagram or other platforms. We are not present on social media either. If you want to find us, you will find us - namely offline at 1680 meters above sea level, embedded in untouched nature.

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